Meet Our Team

Lili, Treatment Coordinator

Lili strives for excellence and works hard to make everyone feel welcome. The love for the relationships she's built with patients pushes her to continue working hard and building this practice. She also tries her best to be informative and make every experience a pleasant one.

Ana, Dental Assistant

Ana has lived in Simi Valley for nearly three decades and has worked as a dental assistant for 10 years. She strives to provide excellent care to everyone and treats all patients like family. She enjoys being a part of the care process and feels motivated by happy, healthy smiles.

Daisy, Dental Hygienist

Daisy has spent close to two decades in the dental industry and has a passion for patient care. She is committed to providing comfortable and thorough treatment, as well as guidance when it comes to your oral health. She teaches the importance of how oral health can impact your overall health and takes great pride in being able to help you get a smile you love.

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