Top Dental Technologies in Simi Valley, CA

At Sequoia Dentistry, we invest in the best dental tools and technology around — not only to maximize treatment outcomes but to cultivate an unmatched care experience for our patients! You'll find the precision diagnostics and technologies necessary to ensure appointments are efficient, non-invasive, and comfortable.

The advancements made in technology in recent years have helped keep dental treatments more effective and more affordable. Precision diagnostics and treatment technologies have allowed our team to work more efficiently while providing only the most comfortable care for our patients. When you visit us at Sequoia Dentistry, you can trust that you're receiving speedy, expert care, delivered with the latest tools and techniques!

Digital X-Rays

dentist reviewing x-ray with patientWe use digital x-rays to ensure more accurate diagnoses and enhanced clinical safety. The advanced technology behind digital x-rays exposes patients to less radiation while making the procedure more quick and comfortable. It also makes it easier for Dr. Mishra and Dr. Jeff to access your images right away!

Laser Dentistry

The expert team Sequoia Dentistry uses laser dentistry to provide a more comfortable treatment experience. Laser dentistry allows Dr. Mishra and Dr. Jeff to deliver advanced, precise procedures that are not only more efficient but more comfortable. Dental lasers are used for a variety of procedures and periodontal therapies, including laser gingivectomies.

To provide additional support during our laser procedures and other oral surgery services, our office is equipped with comfort dentistry solutions including laughing gas and oral conscious sedation. To maximize your comfort during your visit, you can opt to have sedation dentistry administered during any procedure.

Experience the Latest Dental Technology in Simi Valley, CA

Our technologies allow us to deliver ultra-efficient care in a relaxing atmosphere. Call us today to visit Sequoia Dentistry and experience the difference!

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